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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Si Vis Bellum Para Bellum: KC Customization using Maven's WAR overlays

My slides are up on Speakerdeck


  1. Found a typo; should be:

    mvn kc:create-overlay -DgroupId=org.kuali.kra -DartifactId=kc_project -Dversion=5.0.1

    1. Firstly, thanks for the feedback. I really appreciate that. You pointed out something that may be confusing. That is actually on purpose. The groupId, artifactId, and version fields refer to the new project you are creating and not the prototype project you are overlaying. I used my organization's group and artifact ids. Our version is version 5.1. You can observe which GAV is used for the prototype by default at the kc-maven-plugin GitHub project.

      The code used to determine the default is described as:
      @Parameter(property = "kc.prototype.groupId", defaultValue = "org.kuali.kc")
      protected String prototypeGroupId;

      @Parameter(property = "kc.prototype.artifactId", defaultValue = "kc")
      protected String prototypeArtifactId;

      @Parameter(property = "kc.prototype.version", defaultValue = "5.0")
      protected String prototypeVersion;

      Now that I look at it, there is a typo there. This is probably what you meant to point out. I will go ahead and update that right away.

  2. I just updated the default and published a release. Sometime later today version 1.1.8 will be available on maven central. See and