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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

KFS Maven Overlays Made Easy

That's right. Yet another one of these. Before I start, I want to announce that the archetype is now at version 1.0.4 and the plugin is at version 1.0.8. We've passed version 1.0 and the plugin is ready for wide use.

I have added screencasts on using the KFS Maven Archetypes.

It's here. I've been talking about a maven archetype for KFS creating for a long long while, but I never shared it. It just wasn't ready for wide spread use. It even had its own usability problems. I have since completely rewritten it so people besides myself may use it. You can find it on github here KFS Maven Plugin. That's right, it's mixed in with a kfs maven plugin. That's how I solved my usability issues. There's a custom plugin and it will be used for much more than just the archetype. I had planned for a use case of migrating a kfs distribution, but I am rethinking it. I want to really really promote the overlay concept and I think a KFS maven distribution would kind of defeat that at this point. I'd rather give people the opportunity to take an existing war that they can make pretty quickly and just build on it.

In this video, I show that I'm using Configuration from VCS with on the fly encryption/decryption aaaand!!! Low-carb kfs configuration. It'll save you the trouble of setting that up for yourselves. The downside is there is still some setup. You will be required to add a private/public keypair to your rice.keystore. Good news!!! I already tell you how to do that here Encryption/decryption. Don't worry. There will be a video on that soon as well.

I am working on one for Rice (thin clients and native) and KC as well.


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