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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

KFS Overlay Reference Implementation Screencasts


I created a screencast to illustrate the simplicity of downloading the kfs overlay reference implementation project from github, building the packages, installing them, and running them. The goal here is to get people downloading, using, and modifying quickly. Feel free to checkout the distribution and fork it, change things, and communicate back with me on your findings.

The Screencast

What Doesn't Work

Now that you've seen it function in a single specific use case, let me throw out which use cases do not work.

tomcat plugin

Because of some problems with filtering web resources, the web.xml does not filter correctly with the tomcat plugin. I am going to fix this and publish another screencast beholding its awesomeness.

jetty plugin

This has the same issue as the tomcat plugin.


Working on this. I will add liquibase to the reference implementation with a screencast. This way you can try out the reference implementation with real liquibase change management enabled and configured.

Turn key automation

This doesn't work yet, but I hope to make the reference implementation even simpler. At this time, you are forced to setup your own database and make sure it is suitable for KFS before using the reference implementation. The goal is that in the future, everything is plug-n-play.

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