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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Project Updates and the Coming Onslaught of Documentation

I have been working on improving the documentation in the projects surrounding liquibase. That's right. The changes aren't all just for looks. A lot of documentation that is going out to wikis will be updated on the official project pages first. Also, among the documentation improvements are:
  • javadoc APIs
  • Usage instructions
  • Screencasts (most importantly is that they're better and more informative screencasts)
  • Working example (examples taken directly from implemented scenarios

Updated Projects

Here is a list of projects recently updated:


This is a new project that is going to focus on custom refactorings. Instead of having a bunch of SQL inserts, database specific sql, and having to keep track of your previous ID, there will be meaningful code behind your database object changes. Here are some up and coming KIM Refactorings.

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