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Thursday, April 22, 2010

CSV Export in Internet Explorer

At the University of Arizona, we have had a problem for some time now when opening exported CSV using Internet Explorer. We knew the problem stemmed from security settings in Internet Explorer. Until now, we have not had a solution that did not involve weakening security settings in Internet Explorer. This was important to us because our institution has security policies that are enforced internally for applications on our domain like Internet Explorer. Weakening security settings just was not an option we could use.

Just the other day, Andrew Hollamon, discovered a solution to this problem that had been plaguing us. He discovered that a setting in Internet Explorer would disable caching on pages rendered through HTTPS (details here Basically, what happens is the security settings in Internet Explorer require it to submit a header to the server requesting a page without caching. Caching is necessary because the file is cached before it can be opened. If the page is not cached, then there is nothing to be opened. Andrew's solution was to add some custom code to the Rice WebUtils class that changes the headers only for requests of reports in CSV.

We plan to contribute this back, but any institution can implement a solution easily enough by simply modifying the necessary headers in the servlet response according to this document

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