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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Screencast: Supersimple Database Copy with Liquibase


Thanks for reading my 100th post!
It seems like I've already blogged about this subject. I have. The difference is this time I'm going to use the lb-maven-plugin to do the copy. In previous runs I've used an ant project which you have to copy and then modify via editing. This time, I'm going to copy an entire oracle database straight from a maven plugin. I don't even have a maven project. Keep in mind that in normal cases, you usually export the database and then import it. That's just if you're doing it with the same RDBMS (ie., oracle or mysql but not both). Here we go:


I am working on an even easier way to do this without a maven plugin or ant tool, but just straight through liquibase. I also want to provide a way to encapsulate data with an embedded RDBMS (H2). This is better than flat files because it's not a flat file and it's entirely browsable via SQL utility. That makes it much easier to analyze when you need to.

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