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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Kuali Days LaTeX Beamer Template

Beamer over S5 or Reveal JS

I usually use S5 or Reveal JS generated from LaTeX and hyperlatex. This Kuali Days, I'm going to use Beamer.


The reason for it is mostly Speakerdeck. I am expecting to push my presentations up there immediately after doing them. I suppose I could do that with S5 or Reveal JS. I really like the Speakerdeck product though.

Custom Theme

Unfortunately, the themes available for beamer don't work with Kuali Days presentations. I had to build my own theme to do it.

All of my presentations (including those from previous Kuali Days) can be found on GitHub. Likewise, you can find the templates in that same GitHub project.

Using it

Just clone the project and copy the theme to your $TEXMFHOME

Then, just create your TeX file and use the beamer theme.

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