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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Screencast: Database Migration with Liquibase


This screencast is of me demoing a tool called lbcopy. It is a tool built with liquibase and a few liquibase extensions. The idea is a fast and simple database migration. One of the greatest advantages of this tool is its database agnostic personality. You can export from MySQL and import the schema and content directly into an Oracle database without any modification. The same goes for just about any database.

Another distinguishing concept between this tool and others is that data is exported in its native environment. Not SQL, but a database. When exporting data, an H2 or HSQLDB jar file read-only database is produced. The data can then be observed and queried using a normal database query tool like Aqua Data Studio. This gives users a much better visualization of the data vs. observing raw SQL or a CSV.

There are 3 primary uses for this tool: Export, Import, and Migrate. This demo is on Migrate. Migrate is direct copy of the database from one location to another without export or import. It is just one step.

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