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Friday, August 12, 2011

UPDATE: Kuali Days 2011 Presentation Proposals 2

The following presentation is on the bubble and may possibly be dropped.


One of the necessities implementers have is to remotely execute batch processes. Many institutions already have existing enterprise scheduling systems that are far more robust than Quartz which is shipped with KFS. The cases for this are when implementing institutions use a third-party scheduling system (Peoplesoft or BMC). Institutions certainly will want to put in place something more robust or may even already have a campus-wide scheduling system.

This is an informative talk on how to connect an enterprise scheduling system with KFS. Attendees will see examples of how to integrate using shell-scripting and web-services.


  • Learn about caveats of normal shell-scripting of batch processes.
  • Learn of creating a simple web service that isn't published to Kuali Service Bus (KSB) for executing isolated batch processes.
  • Learn how to create a client for communicating with the batch Web Services Definition Language (WSDL).
  • Batch processes and WS-SEC with Rice and KFS


  • Developers on a technical

I received an email today from the Kuali Foundation letting me know there are indeed a large number of proposals this year. Some very good ones will be dropped. If you have a favorite presentation or a presentation you really want to see, please let them know at the Kuali Foundation

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  1. It did end up being dropped. Thanks everyone for your feedback.