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[perhaps variant of Houlihan, Irish surname]
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Thursday, July 14, 2011

UPDATE: Kuali Days 2011 Presentation Proposals

"The Status is Not Quo!" JSR-286 and Rice has been curbed. I and a few others may try to put together an informal meetup regarding this, but it was not accepted as a presentation. I will definitely add it again for next year.

Thanks everyone for the feedback!


  1. Too bad. Sounds like a good topic.

  2. I liked it too, but there's only so many rooms. There isn't a lot of space for new topics. rSmart felt institutions were not ready for that yet. We had to be pretty selective with all the proposals that were flooding in.

    Last year, I worked on a few proposals for KD and presented them all solo. If I present at all this year, it will be with co-presenters. I think this will provide a better experience for everyone.