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[perhaps variant of Houlihan, Irish surname]
kualiganism n

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Prelude to a KIS - Setting up and Getting Started with Mylyn

This is my first screencast. I am going to discuss how to setup and get started using mylyn since both Jira and Eclipse are prominent Kuali development tools.

My reasons for using Mylyn

  • Enforces one-issue-at-a-time practice. Many times, complex check-ins from working on multiple issues at a time is the cause of bugs.

  • Organizes files to an issue. This helps you focus on the task by blocking out files that don't matter and helping you remember what you were working on.

  • Issue management integration connects what you're working on with ... what you're working on. Issue metadata only available in Jira is something that can be lost when developing. Mylyn keeps your work connected with your tools

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